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Earthquake 8.83km (5.49 miles) away from Kluchevaya (United States of America)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.9 occurred on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 2:21:31 PM UTC (and Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 5:21:31 AM local time) 8.83km (5.49 miles) away from Kluchevaya (United States of America) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :5/15/2024 2:21:31 PM
Updated (UTC) :5/15/2024 2:23:56 PM
Mag. Typeml
Depth34.80 km (21.62 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 1.9 - 10 km NNE of Nikolaevsk, Alaska
10 km NNE of Nikolaevsk, Alaska

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,4US Earthquake Kustatan
(7.60km away [4.72 miles]) (23/05/2024 18:15:29 UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake Kustatan
(6.67km away [4.15 miles]) (23/05/2024 12:16:30 UTC -)
1,6US Earthquake Peninsula Park Estates
(11.78km away [7.32 miles]) (23/05/2024 08:31:03 UTC -)
-1,09US Earthquake Iniskin
(33.71km away [20.95 miles]) (23/05/2024 05:42:08 UTC -)
1,2US Earthquake Anchor Point
(32.25km away [20.04 miles]) (23/05/2024 05:20:51 UTC -)
-0,38US Earthquake Iniskin
(29.18km away [18.13 miles]) (23/05/2024 05:12:14 UTC -)
1,2US Earthquake Iniskin
(23.71km away [14.74 miles]) (23/05/2024 03:54:21 UTC -)
-0,55US Earthquake Iniskin
(31.08km away [19.31 miles]) (23/05/2024 03:14:13 UTC -)
-0,42US Earthquake Iniskin
(30.96km away [19.23 miles]) (22/05/2024 23:50:00 UTC -)
2,6US Earthquake Iniskin
(51.09km away [31.75 miles]) (22/05/2024 22:34:00 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

US Kluchevaya8.83km away (5.49 miles)
US Nahodka8.94km away (5.55 miles)
US Nikolaevsk10.06km away (6.25 miles)318 inhabitants
US Klutchevya10.15km away (6.31 miles)
US Nahotka10.32km away (6.41 miles)
US Happy Valley10.49km away (6.52 miles)593 inhabitants
US Ninilchik17.62km away (10.95 miles)883 inhabitants
US Anchor Point20.06km away (12.47 miles)1 930 inhabitants
US Fritz Creek23.84km away (14.81 miles)1 932 inhabitants
US Diamond Ridge24.92km away (15.49 miles)1 156 inhabitants
US Kachemak26.46km away (16.44 miles)487 inhabitants
US Kachemak City26.72km away (16.60 miles)472 inhabitants
US Millers Landing26.95km away (16.75 miles)
US Homer28.68km away (17.82 miles)5 515 inhabitants
US Kachemak Silo30.67km away (19.06 miles)
US Fox River34.46km away (21.41 miles)685 inhabitants
US Ostrovski (historical)35.46km away (22.03 miles)
US Aurora (historical)35.68km away (22.17 miles)
US Clam Gulch38.14km away (23.70 miles)176 inhabitants
US Halibut Cove39.06km away (24.27 miles)76 inhabitants

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