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Earthquake 1.95km (1.21 miles) away from Hauwai (New Zealand)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 1.73 occurred on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 4:31:31 PM UTC (and Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 4:31:31 AM local time) 1.95km (1.21 miles) away from Hauwai (New Zealand) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :5/15/2024 4:31:31 PM
Depth14.22 km (8.84 miles)
Other information10 km south-east of Seddon

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

1,49NZ Earthquake Blind River
(9.69km away [6.02 miles]) (23/05/2024 23:05:38 UTC -)
1,52NZ Earthquake Owhiro Bay
(27.82km away [17.29 miles]) (23/05/2024 19:51:12 UTC -)
1NZ Earthquake Eastbourne
(11.89km away [7.39 miles]) (23/05/2024 17:35:21 UTC -)
2,23NZ Earthquake Fabians Valley
(3.39km away [2.10 miles]) (23/05/2024 10:08:04 UTC -)
1,48NZ Earthquake Blind River
(0.41km away [0.25 miles]) (23/05/2024 06:51:25 UTC -)
2,3NZ Earthquake Houghton Bay
(37.19km away [23.11 miles]) (23/05/2024 04:13:25 UTC -)
1,81NZ Earthquake Blind River
(4.45km away [2.77 miles]) (22/05/2024 18:30:03 UTC -)
3,91NZ Earthquake Titahi Bay
(6.47km away [4.02 miles]) (22/05/2024 13:36:32 UTC -)
1,85NZ Earthquake Mangamaunu
(18.26km away [11.35 miles]) (22/05/2024 13:14:13 UTC -)
1,29NZ Earthquake Mt Lyford
(2.01km away [1.25 miles]) (22/05/2024 12:55:29 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

NZ Hauwai1.95km away (1.21 miles)
NZ Taimate2.44km away (1.52 miles)
NZ Ward8.12km away (5.05 miles)
NZ Blind River9.81km away (6.10 miles)
NZ Mirza12.08km away (7.51 miles)
NZ Seddon12.75km away (7.92 miles)511 inhabitants
NZ Dashwood16.65km away (10.35 miles)
NZ Wharanui17.80km away (11.06 miles)
NZ Altimarlock24.93km away (15.49 miles)
NZ Welds Hill26.16km away (16.26 miles)
NZ Kekerengu29.41km away (18.27 miles)
NZ Riverlands31.34km away (19.48 miles)
NZ Redwoodtown31.71km away (19.70 miles)
NZ Witherlea31.71km away (19.70 miles)
NZ Burleigh32.67km away (20.30 miles)
NZ Blenheim32.73km away (20.34 miles)26 550 inhabitants
NZ Jordan33.50km away (20.81 miles)
NZ Riversdale34.10km away (21.19 miles)
NZ Springlands34.14km away (21.21 miles)
NZ Mayfield34.52km away (21.45 miles)

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