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Earthquake 6.37km (3.96 miles) away from Agua Dulce (Chile)

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6 occurred on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 1:31:41 AM UTC (and Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 9:31:41 PM local time) 6.37km (3.96 miles) away from Agua Dulce (Chile) which is the nearest city to the epicenter.


Details about this earthquake

Date (UTC) :2/14/2024 1:31:41 AM
Updated (UTC) :2/14/2024 5:56:41 PM
Mag. Typemww
Depth22.41 km (13.92 miles)
Tsunami riskNo
Other informationM 6.0 - 83 km WSW of Vallenar, Chile
83 km WSW of Vallenar, Chile

Last 10 earthquakes nearby

4,6CL Earthquake Choros
(72.78km away [45.22 miles]) (10/04/2024 03:14:45 UTC -)
4,6CL Earthquake Llano Choros
(6.99km away [4.34 miles]) (08/03/2024 07:40:45 UTC -)
4CL Earthquake Carrizal Bajo
(25.50km away [15.85 miles]) (27/02/2024 14:10:43 UTC -)
4,8CL Earthquake Chañaral
(39.17km away [24.34 miles]) (15/02/2024 23:59:35 UTC -)
5,4CL Earthquake Carrizal Bajo
(29.56km away [18.37 miles]) (11/02/2024 21:14:43 UTC -)
4,4CL Earthquake Peñita
(11.39km away [7.08 miles]) (20/01/2024 10:01:21 UTC -)
4,6CL Earthquake Huasco
(27.76km away [17.25 miles]) (23/12/2023 18:48:25 UTC -)
4,4CL Earthquake El Sauce
(4.29km away [2.67 miles]) (11/12/2023 06:41:45 UTC -)
3,7CL Earthquake Huasco
(32.97km away [20.49 miles]) (27/11/2023 00:45:50 UTC -)
4,5CL Earthquake Huasco
(18.37km away [11.41 miles]) (26/11/2023 23:06:13 UTC -)

Cities near this earthquake

CL Agua Dulce6.37km away (3.96 miles)
CL Espantajos9.31km away (5.78 miles)
CL Sarco14.89km away (9.25 miles)
CL Chañaral de Aceituna17.59km away (10.93 miles)
CL Chañaral18.34km away (11.40 miles)
CL El Hinojo22.09km away (13.73 miles)
CL El Sauce22.34km away (13.88 miles)
CL Carrizalillo23.68km away (14.71 miles)
CL Peñita24.35km away (15.13 miles)
CL El Pollo24.45km away (15.19 miles)
CL El Higirio26.66km away (16.57 miles)
CL Peñita31.37km away (19.49 miles)
CL Los Loritos31.60km away (19.63 miles)
CL Los Lobitos33.33km away (20.71 miles)
CL Labrar34.96km away (21.72 miles)
CL Choros37.23km away (23.13 miles)
CL Totoral37.38km away (23.23 miles)
CL La Cobaltera37.43km away (23.26 miles)
CL San Juan38.91km away (24.18 miles)
CL Palo Blanco39.51km away (24.55 miles)

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